Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Different Sort of Sunrise

I am now camped out in Abingdon MD, and I commute down to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. One thing I have noticed is that the sun rises over the bay around here. ........This isn't Delta any longer!


Anonymous said...

Now that you are there, can I link to your post?


photowannabe said...

Thinking about you. Its such an "interesting" way to start your new job. I so hope your home sells quickly and that your family can be reunited. Just a matter of prayer I guess.
The only time I was in Baltimore and the Inner Harbor was when I was a tour director and had a bus load of Brits for 2 weeks. We spent one day and night there before moving on to Wash. D.C. and Annapolis. The bus driver said he knew the way around Baltimore but kept getting us lost and trying to go the wrong way on one way streets. Not good with a 54 passenger bus!!
I survived but still have panic type dreams about that time.
Boy, I got long winded. I forgot to say how pretty the sunrise was over the Bay.

Kris said...

Such a huge change, I hope that it all goes well and will keep my eye on your new blog.